Criminal Defense Lawyers- Valdosta

Valdosta Criminal Defense Lawyers

Accused of committing a crime? Let our Valdosta Criminal Defense Lawyers provide the experienced legal counsel you’ll need to navigate through the criminal justice system.


It is important to remember that an arrest is not a conviction, but anything you say may help the government connect those dots. Before you make any statements to police or try to cut your own deal, you need the legal advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  At Smith, Hannan & Parker, P.C., we represent citizens of Valdosta and the surrounding areas who are accused of any misdemeanor or felony crimes.  Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients in federal, state, and municipal courts.

Our Valdosta criminal defense lawyers have represented clients on a full spectrum of charges, including but not limited to:

You can do more harm than good by cooperating with police or arguing your own innocence. The best recourse is always to exercise your right to remain silent and demand an attorney.  Our criminal defense lawyers will give you an honest assessment of the case against you and represent you from your initial court appearance and release from custody through all hearings, motions, negotiations and, if necessary, trial.

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