Valdosta Military Divorce Lawyers

Are you in the military and going through a divorce? Our Valdosta Military Divorce Lawyers include two former Judge Advocate Generals who know the complicated issues that military divorce cases present.


To seek a divorce in Georgia, a connection to the state of Georgia is required.  For example, a military member living overseas may seek an interstate, international, or military divorce in Georgia as long as his or her spouse lives here.  A spouse who is seeking a divorce from a military spouse or even an estranged spouse living out of state or out of country, may seek a divorce in Georgia if his or her spouse maintains a connection to Georgia, such as a marital home.

However, under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, parties stationed overseas on active duty may be excused from attending court.  Regardless of which spouse is filing for divorce, which spouse is pursuing what, and whether either spouse is a member of the military, one party has to have been a resident of the state of Georgia for the six months prior to filing.   However, the six month residency requirement does not apply to an action for separate maintenance.

Often the most crucial issues in a military divorce include the division of military retirements, the provision of the Survivor Benefit Plan benefits, life insurance, and medical care. A common misconception is that there can be no division of retired pay unless the marriage has lasted ten years.

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